Site Tips

What is your site about?

I’m going to be looking through hundreds of submissions. I go to your site, I’ve never been there before (unless you were smart and made me a friend so I could check out your site) so I’m sitting there, looking at YOUR site. First thing I’m going to want to know: what do you write about? I do have communities to fill.

I should be able to quickly find this out with categories (tags). Or something on the about page. Or something on the front page. If you have a tag cloud, that’s awesome (I’m putting one on my site) because that lets me know, at a glance, what topics you talk about most. I can click on the larger tags, see if you’re still writing about those topics, and I have an idea where your site should be placed.

What I dread, is the archive list with nothing to tell me what your site is about. See, unless it is a commercial site on a specific topic, most writers tend to write about a multitude of things. If I cannot quickly figure it out, imagine new readers coming to your site for the first time. They aren’t going to stick around long to find out.