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Traffic doesn’t mean opportunity

Amy of Mom Advice shared some awesome news with 9rulers the other day. See, she’s had a string of great opportunities come her way lately. Here is a bit of what she said:

  • I’m the latest spokesperson for Cascade. Yeah, like that stuff that cleans your dishes Cascade. They contacted me a while back about providing tips to use in their promotional material which just went out to a bunch of news outlets. It was a one time thing, but they said there’s a good chance they’ll use me again.
  • I’m in the current issue of All You magazine that you should run out and buy right now at your local Walmart. I’m on pg. 84 in an article on mom’s that earn a living at home. I’m the hot one. smile
  • I’ve been invited to two movie screenings in LA and NY so far. One involving Tom Hanks. (She didn’t go)
  • I’ve had inquiries from two different TV shows on being a guest.
  • I was approached by venture capitalists about a potential “acquisition”. I have no interest in selling, but it’s nice to feel desirable.
  • Despite all of this incredible things, the best thing that’s happened was when I was approached in a parking like by a woman I didn’t know. She asked if I was the Amy who ran MomAdvice and said she wanted to personally thank me. She said she visits all the time, reads all the articles, and has improved her life greatly as a direct result. I cried.

I read her experiences, smiled a big smile because I’m so happy for her and kept on reading. Then I came to:

Has my traffic skyrocketed? No. Do I now keep warm at night wrapped in a blanket of money? No.

That’s when I smiled because Amy gets it:

But that’s ok because these experiences are ones that money can’t buy. When they get older, I’ll be able to tell my kids that mommy was in magazines, on TV, and was invited to meet movie stars.

I asked her if she’d mind if I shared her experiences (obviously she doesn’t mind), went surfing and the next site I came too (non-9rules member) had so much crap on the site it slowed it down to a crawl. So my tip:

In your greed need to know information about your readers don’t load your site down with unnecessary duplicating stuff. As you can see loads of traffic doesn’t necessarily bring the opportunities.