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The 1200-10 Club

Well it is over and done with and to say our expectations were eclipsed would be a huge understatement. I’m not sure any of us expected 1190 sites and if we did we wouldn’t admit to it. We are excited and very exhausted from what has been going on over the past 24 hours, so we will keep this entry low key and you can expect a more thorough analysis of Round 5 tomorrow. For now we would like to thank everyone that submitted. We know it’s not an easy thing to put your work in front of others for critique, but you took the plunge anyways and for that you deserve our congratulations.

We will also go over the Number Game to see who came out on top. And finally thanks to our Members who have stuck with us through all of our mistakes and trust us with the direction of this wonderful Network. You are about to have some new brothers and sisters soon.

Now when will everyone find out if they made it? Let us wait for the dust to settle then next week we will nail down a date to post the final listing. Thanks for your patience.