Site Tips

Stay on topic

“Should I guess how many Round 5 submits there will be? Speaking of guess, I guess I should pay my credit card bill. Ha, I saw Bill in Taco Bell the other day and he gained 20 pounds. Oh, when was the last time I had pound cake? Did you see the make up caked up on that actor’s nose? I always thought about having a nose job…”

That paragraph started off talking about 9rules and ended up talking about plastic surgery. When someone is speaking to you and does something like that, it’s rambling. Same thing online. The reader starts to zone out after awhile.

Decide what you’re going to write about and stay on topic.

The other day I was reading a blog and I swear the person wrote 1000 word entries just like that. Every couple of sentences – new topic. Now there is nothing wrong with covering a couple of related things in one entry and let me be very clear, I am not talking about a link roundup of diverse topics. I’m talking about rambling, which is why I need to end this entry before I’m guilty of it myself.

Want to know where some of the messed up entry titles come from? Entries like my example above.