Round 5 Q&A Part 2

Round 5 is almost here. I wrote a series of site improvement tips. Time is ticking but there are a couple of loose ends (stray questions) I received. Let’s go through them:

I submitted in a previous round, should I submit my site again?

Sure, what do you have to lose?

Will I be told why my site was not admitted?

This depends completely on how many sites submit, how many sites are accepted and how much time I have after Round 5. I would like to let people know but I don’t want ot make any promises.

How will I know if my site is accepted?

We make an announcement of the sites accepted on this blog so watch this space.

How long does it take to find out if my site was accepted?

No promises on that one. It depends on how many sites were submitted. I’ll try and post updates to let people know what is going on.

I have more than one site. Can I submit them all?

You sure can. 🙂

Do you really visit all the sites that submit?

I sure do. Sometimes more than once.

How will I know if you visited my site?

Honestly, I’m the sneaky one of the bunch. Mike and Scrivs might let you see a referral from 9rules but not me. I’ll try to be good this time and leave a referral or something.

How exactly do I submit my site?

Watch this space – we’ll make an announcement tomorrow.

If you have other questions, seriously, now is the time to ask. 🙂