Round 5: Another record broken 700+

It’s almost 10am EST and we officially broke Round 4’s record of 700 sites. It’s humbling to see the excitement people have submitting their sites. Scrivs, Mike and I hopped on IRC last night (I watched the text fly by) and had some fun (we’ll be in there again today – not sure what time or if we’ll be in there at the same time). Good times but think about it. 2am there are people in our IRC chat room to laugh and joke with us. Awesome! We are so fortunate to have cool people like you supporting us. Thank you!

To those of you experiencing web hosting difficulties – submit your site. We aren’t seriously going through the sites right now so your host has time to restore your site. I make a point to check back a couple of times (not in the same day) so you do have time to get things together. Relax. Breathe. Think happy thoughts….

…because Scrivs, Mike and I are. Thank you!