Site Tips

Readers like to skim articles

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Put your site URL in the address bar. Click go.
  3. When your site opens up, look at it.
  4. See your entries? Do you have long paragraphs? If you do…

Break up the content.

Most readers will not read it all the way through. Very similar to how some people shrink away from 700 page books. If you write long paragraphs, take a look at them. Are you putting multiple points in the same paragraph? Are you repeating yourself? Are you rambling?

As an example, look at news articles. The article itself might be long, but the paragraphs are usually short. Makes it easier to skim.

One method I’ve had success with on Ping Six is putting mini-titles at the beginning of a new topic. Not all blogs can do this but with my niche (business, blogging strategies, etc.) it makes it easier for the reader to have an idea of what I’m talking about if they are browsing the page.

If you have dust bunnies blowing at your site from lack of interaction, that might be why. People aren’t actually reading your entries.