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Comment collectors

Community: A community usually refers to a group of people who interact and share certain things as a group.

9rules is a community, there is a lot of interaction going on here. That is the point of a community – share ideas, interact, have fun, learn, debate…you get the idea. As our communities grow the interaction will increase. So keep in mind, interaction.

So if I’m browsing your site, I see people commenting but you are not interacting back I’m going to wonder why you do that. Why are you having a one-sided conversation? Why would I want to add a site that will not help foster the community it is placed in? If you don’t do it on your own site, why would you do it anywhere else?

Now it’s cool if you don’t have people commenting, that will come in time. It’s cool if you don’t have comments open. And of course not all comments require a response but I think you know what I mean. Some site owners never respond.

But wait Tyme, I email my responses back.

Well, um, that’s great. I used to do that too until I figured out that when people came to my site it looked like I wasn’t saying anything but hey, you’re site, your world.

Tyme, aren’t you being a little two-faced because I heard you say in a podcast you aren’t into social networks?

I knew that was coming. You’re right I said that, but I interact on my sites. I did it on AOL, Yahoo…I feel like I’m repeating myself but I practice what I preach. Here’s my brand new MySpace (I’m still tripping I did that), Facebook (need to tweak it) and LinkedIn. Friend me. Message me. Do what you do so I know you can interact. I mean, when we have 9rules parties we don’t want you sitting in the corner all alone, do we?