Site Tips

Browser compatibility

Does your site look right in all browsers? Did you check? Designers do this by habit so this tip isn’t for you. This tip is for people who use templates. I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Just because a template looks good or can be downloaded doesn’t mean the person that designed it checked it across multiple browsers.

Many times the person designing is just learning and doesn’t think to check. It looks good in the browser he/she is using, that’s all that matters right? Wrong. On the flip side new writers might attempt to tweak a template that works fine and accidentally break it in other browsers.

9rules readers use all types of browsers and I have to think of their experience when making determinations. If I surf a site and the design looks one way in Internet Explorer and another in Firefox due to the large number of submissions I do not have the time to send the writer a note then revisit when the problem is corrected. A large number of people will redesign their site prior to submitting and in the haste of getting the design done, might not do the browser checks…so…you’ve been warned. 🙂

The best content in the world won’t be read if the page is borked. So take a minute and cross browser check your site.