9rules Receives Cookies

Seems like today companies are getting either money, props or something, but not us. Today we got something that nobody else in the world could touch: Aunt Lucy’s Cookies. When Aunt Lucy dropped by the 9rules’ Offices to bring us her famous soft-baked, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies we knew we had hit it big. Even better was the warm feeling we received in our tummies due to the fact that we now know all of our hardwork has paid off.

Why would Aunt Lucy do such a thing? Well this is what she had to say.

I have been watching the 9rules Team for a while now and was simply amazed at the things they have done. It was surprising when I realized that nobody took the time to invest any cooking time in them and I saw a golden opportunity to shake things up. Admittedly I haven’t baked any cookies for content-based businesses before, but after seeing the joy on their faces when I brought my delicious cookies over I think I will research the space a bit more.

So what do we plan on doing with these cookies? The smart thing would be to ration them out so we can enjoy them over a longer period of time, but our instincts tell us to eat them all now and we can worry where they went later. We figured we would distribute some of the cookies to our Members knowing that would enrich our Network even more. Then we would take the rest of our revenue and buy some milk and sit back and enjoy the remaining cookies.

We considered adding more people to our staff to help us eat all of these cookies, but figured it was a safer bet to eat them on our own because we don’t like when people eat with their mouths open. This is an exciting time for us and you can definitely expect a lot more things coming from us since we are now juiced up on sugar.