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This should be obvious: don’t lie

Did you just roll your eyes? Before you click a way, writers/bloggers/companies subtly do it all the time. Have you ever said “We take great pride” when there is only one person behind the site? Lie…but that’s so commonly done most people let that slide. What I’m talking about is much more devious: the loophole lie.

Come on, you know what I mean. “Usually we do…”, “generally, we do not”, or “on occasion we will”. When I read this I think one thing:

Make up your mind and stick to it. Of course that would require a plan, which requires a bit of management, which for some reason writers do not think they need, but that’s another entry for another day.

Personal bloggers are thinking “Ha, she’s not talking about me!”. Ha! Wrong. You people do it too.

“I usually don’t take men/women home on the first date, but….”
“On occasion I will go over the speed limit and wouldn’t you know it the one time I did it, I got a ticket!”

I made these up so I apologize if someone blogged about something like this recently but again, if you did it, you do it. What are you ashamed of?

Writers, sometimes unconsciously, try to sugar coat when they step into gray areas. There’s just one problem: once something is online, it’s out there. White, black or gray most times sugar coating doesn’t work.

Why am I bringing this up? Will your site be rejected because you do this? Honestly, I’m probably the only one that would spend that much time on a site and I’m not your mother. I bring this up because joining 9rules means more exposure. More people reading your words. The things you used to get away might not work any more. And it’s quite possible you’ll be called out on your loophole lie.

If you did it once, and you might do it again, you do it. Stop sugarcoating it. Take responsibility for what you, um, are doing and if you’re ashamed of it, why continue to do it? Stop doing it.