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Round 5 Q&A

With Round 5 coming up a lot of questions are being asked. What type of sites are you looking for? What do you look for in a site? My site was rejected last time, how can I get in this time? This is the time to ask those questions, and I’ll do my best to address them. Every day I’m going to give a tip on what I look for. Let’s do this…

Tyme, what type of sites are you looking for?

Guess what? I do not have a set type in my mind. Of course I am looking to fill in smaller communities but 9rules has always been open to accepting blogs on diverse topics. Of course except the you-know-what-niche adult sites.

Are you rejecting sites in niches where the community is large?

No. I take into consideration the community a blog will fit into but I do not mentally dismiss a site because we have a large community.

What do you look for in a site?

You’ll see in the upcoming entries.

I write anonymously. Can I be in 9rules?

Short answer: yes. We realize there are many reasons as to why a blogger might need to right anonymously. That does not make you any less accountable for what you say, especially as the anonymous blogger becomes popular the more curious the audience becomes about the identity of the blogger.

My site is not written in English. Can I join 9rules?

Currently, sites must be in English. If you have an English site that compliments your other site, submit the English site.

I live in (insert place here) and I cannot submit my site that day!

Round 5 opens Oct 25th 12am EST and closes 11:59 PM EST. Middle of the night for us, bright and early in the morning for others. If it’s morning for you, submit your site – you have all day. If you’re sleeping at midnight, when you wake up submit your site. You have all day.

Most people have the time but forget the day. Mark your calendars!

I have a podcast/videocast. Can I join 9rules?

Yes! Bring it on! If you can dance, oh my goodness…matter of fact, if you have a dance video put a link to it in the comments box when you submit your site. I want to see it.

Have more questions? You know what to do.