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Jitsu and Go Pink

In the past I wrote about finding new content on the internet. Member James Archer has a new project, Jitsu. One new page daily (Monday through Friday). Never the same page twice. I see this as a great way for bloggers to get traffic for their blog, companies to promote cool products, etc. One new thing a day I can handle. I’ll be watching to see who takes advantage of the opportunity. Contact James so I can see cool stuff. Thanks, appreciate it.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you’ll notice 9rules members adding pink to their sites. Matthew Oliphant started Pink for October to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The goal: To get as many sites to Go Pink, where pink is the prominent color.

If you’re like me, pink might be one of your least favorite colors and the thought of what could be done to integrate pink into your site might be challenging. Natalie Jost wrote a nice article on the different things that can be done with pink and how to get inspired. For those lacking in design inspiration, at the bottom there is a wonderful surprise: Comfy Chair – a pink theme you can download along with links to pink themes.

I’m sure as October approaches there will be more discussion about pink. Are you going to go pink?