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Introducing 9rules Tools: First Up, Reader Badges

The next few weeks will be big for us, not only because Steve Jobs is set to announce the coolest Apple-thing ever on Tuesday, but because we’ve been working on some fun stuff and we’re psyched to finally talk about it.

The first is 9rules Tools, our new outlet for cool, bite-sized 9rules interactivity. Up till now you’ve only seen 9rules and 9rules member content on this website but times are a changin’ — personalized distribution is now the name of our game, and you’ll see what we’ve been cooking up in the weeks to come. We want to give our readers the ability to have on-demand 9rules content wherever they see fit, and the Tools page is where you’ll start to see it happen.

Reader Badges download

The newest Tools addition is a downloadable group of 9rules Reader Badges, something that we’ve been asked about for a few months now. We are very appreciative for everyone who reads 9rules and our member sites, and now you’ve got some digital schwag to show off! More details are available at the Tools page, including the ZIP download which includes various badges and Photoshop (.psd) originals for you tweakers out there!