Site Tips

Be honest, how good are your entries?

Yes, I realize it might be hard to be objective and each person has different tastes. Here is a better question: are you writing 5+ crappy quick entries or making 1 or 2 superb ones?

The trend is to make a lot of entries. What the blogger does not realize is their haste shows in their writing. “Look what came out. I like it, go check it out!” Why do you like it? What’s wrong with it? What could be improved? Do you see what I mean? Here is another trend for personal blogs:

Monday: My life sucks
Tuesday: I’m broke
Wednesday: My boss reprimanded me
Thursday: My girl/boyfriend dumped me
Friday: Payday! Going to blow it partying
Monday: I’m broke
Tuesday: My life sucks

Well does anything good happen in your life? I call these Whiny Blogs. A site is a great way to vent but think about the reader hearing bad stuff every single day. Unless you make it funny, it is depressing.

I know, you are one of the Top Most Interesting People but are you presenting yourself as interesting as you are? Step back and look at your entries as a stranger reading your words for the first time. What do you think he or she will gain from reading your site? If readers gain nothing, they will not stick around for long.