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9rules Round 5: October 25th

Submission Round 4 for the 9rules Network was dubbed the “700 Club” because we received 700 submissions from sites that wanted to join the Network. This wentabove and beyond our expectations and with that we are proud to announce that we will be opening Round 5 on October 25.

This will be the final submission round for 2006 so if you want to get into the Network make sure you don’t miss out because you only have 24 hours to submit your site on that day. On October 25 starting at 12:00am Eastern Time (what some of you might consider October 24 midnight) the submission page will open and you can submit as many sites as you are a part of. If you are not sure your site fits in one of 25+ communities don’t hesitate to send it our way as we are always looking to branch out into new subjects.

Until then, look for more 9rules Tools and improved 9rules Notes functionality along with one or two more new sections on 9rules. Also, join in on the Guess the Round 5 Number Game to win some kind of prize (no idea what it will be yet) in our Notes section and earn major bragging rights for King/Queen guesser of 9rules. And just as we did for Round 4, we will be publishing a series of entries on what we look for and what we stay away from when looking at a site.