9rules in FastCompany

While 9rules is known worldwide (at least that’s what we keep on telling ourselves) we have never really received much recognition from the mainstream media probably because we don’t do all the super cool things that the new Web 2.0 companies do, but we like to think we do what we do really well. This time however, we were blessed to grace the pages of FastCompany in an illustration about Citizen Media. You can scope 9rules (Scrivs with the backwards cap) sitting at the Student Council table.

Notice how we are represented as an actual person while everyone else at the table is a robot? In fact, most of the companies in the illustration are robots and just don’t carry that 9rules coolness with them. It’s good to know that when we finally got our props in the mainstream they represented us right! And that’s not bleach or milk 9rules is drinking, that’s Moonshine so don’t get it twisted.

Thanks to all our Members and readers who have gotten us this far and here’s to many more magazine write-ups in the near future. I’ll be heading to Barnes and Noble early in the morning to pick myself up a copy. Mad props go out to Devin Reams for informing me of this because I would have totally missed it.