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The Blog Club

As Community Director there are times when I’m swamped with member and reader requests. With the new 9rules site, there were many questions about features, suggestions (some very good ones too), and of course the normal inquiries (can you suggest a blog?). I’m also doing announcements so I’ve been busy.

9rules has private forums where members interact with each other. I check the forums daily but with the volume of interaction it is easy to miss something and usually members email me. I saw a forum post the other day that struck my interest, I thought “wow, good idea” and the thread became quiet. Busy, busy, I forgot about it.

So imagine my surprise late Monday night when I checked FeedDemon (I was supposed to be working on a paper) and saw the members implemented The Blog Club, starting with the Anime Community. Tam, from Diary of a Website, explained it well:

There is a new club in town (well 9rules town) and I am announcing it here. Blog club has a few simple rules and basically involves 9rules members posting about other communities. Every two weeks a different community will be picked and then during the second week from the Sunday to the Wednesday the blog club participants will write a post about blog club. Anyone who participates will get a mention here on Friday.

Then I noticed Cas’ entry at Bright Meadow. Then Edrei’s entry at Footsteps in the Mirror. Lisa’s at Unsympathetic and Rida’s at Rida Al Barazi.

At that moment, I did a really super cool move. I cried tears of joy. I’m the girl, I’m allowed my moments. See, what’s so amazing about this is they did it all on their own. They decided to reach from outside of their communities and discover new blogs. If you read my personal site you know this is exactly what I suggest. New blogs won’t come to you, sometimes you have to go find them. 30 minutes later Scrivs IMs me asking if I’d seen it, I said yes. He said, “Speechless”.

The Rulers are very proud. Thank you to those that participated and we can’t wait for the next one. 🙂