Scrivs turns 26

It is rare to have a job you truly enjoy, surrounded by people you actually enjoy being around, have a flexible work schedule and have the ability to impact people’s lives. Scrivs, that is what you created when you made 9rules. Now with 200+ sites we enjoy interacting with each other. We have a lot of fun. Mike, Colin and I enjoy working with you and the members – we are one big family. We have the love and support of our readers/listeners and we’re super duper rich…life doesn’t get much better.

Scrivs, thank you for being there to lead us, support and guide us. Thank you for inspiring us to laugh and enjoy life. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. And yeah, we know you’re 26, but you don’t look it…

Scrivs all cool like

Happy Birthday Scrivs!!!!