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Notes Are Fun

A lot of interesting conversations have occurred since we opened up our Notes Section to the world, but by far the weirdest and most entertaining one for me has to be The Wind. The Wind was written sort of as a joke. Rundle and I were joking around about how some people on the web, like Kottke, could write a blank post and get 100 comments, while others could write the most insightful piece ever and not get anything. Yeah, the balance of power is a bit whacked.

Anyways, so I thought it would be fun to post the most asinine thing I could think of right away and I came up with:

The wind blows. My toes tickle. I have no money.

Now I left this thinking it would either filter off the frontpage or someone would come in and tell me how stupid I was, but good ol’ Tammie Lister responded with something that actually made sense! Let the games! What ensued was three 9rulers throwing out words that held meaning to us, but to you, might not make any sense at all.

In any case, expect to see this kind of insanity more often across the Network. It’s a good mental exercise and all that other stuff that is good for your brain. At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.