Do You Dream In 9rules?

Mick Real posted this fascinating entry on his blog just a little after he woke up, and the topic of it was an odd dream he had:

“The setting was a beach or somewhere near water similar to that of a beach with waves. There were cliff like walls on either side of this water body, they were sandy, however it was hard packed, not loose sand.

“In the water and up along the cliffs were 9rules members, i didn’t recognise any as i’ve not seen pictures of too many of them. They were running around and playing in the water on inflatable water toys as well as jet ski’s and small boats. Everyone was having fun, i guess this is what 9rules is all about. Would they really doing this kinda stuff at the beach though? I’m sure they would. This was only part of the dream though.”

Both Paul and I made cameo appearances in his head as well, fortunately his subconscious thinks we’re good people 🙂

You’ve gotta read the whole thing!