[email protected] #2

Chris Gwynne asks: Is the fake wannabe gangsta attitude/accent necessary or is it something to keep us entertained whilst you bore us with some stories?

So just because you are extra special to me Chris, I tried my best to restrain myself and talk like you wanted me talk because that’s how much I respect you. I already know how it’s going to turn out, but I think it is good to have a comparison between today’s show and yesterday’s.

  1. The Apple Blog: Live Coverage of WWDC 2006
  2. think:lab: Your study said what? Really? You’re kidding me?
  3. Natalie Jost Some days I just don’t feel like myself
  4. Life Coaches Blog: Never feel bad about looking bad again.
  5. Right On!: Minimum Wage bill…DOA
  6. Get A New Browser: We told them, they listened
  7. Experience Curve: Five implications for the social media agency
  8. Paul Stamatiou: Adds Pay Feature – Custom CSS
  9. Notes: Horror movie that has scared you the most?

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