[email protected] #1

Now doing a podcast on one topic that you know well is pretty straight forward, but that doesn’t mean you can make it entertaining. However, at least you should know what you are talking about. Doing a podcast on two topics ups the difficulty a bit, but again not if you know those topics. Doing a podcast on 9 different topics and basically there is no chance of you knowing what the hell you are talking about. Welcome to the [email protected]
Note: [email protected] is moving here because I think I broke some of 9r having it other places. Whoops. First two episodes occurred last week.

This being the first show I can tell you that I need to find my stride, but admittedly I will probably never find my stride due to the variety of content that is in this Network. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fun though right? What you get is a quick 5 minutes of my thoughts on 9 entries around the Network. Actually I don’t even really talk about these entries at all…whoops.

  1. WurkIt: Alliances and Competitors
  2. Webby’s World: Widgets, Widgets, Widgets
  3. IndieHQ: William Elliot Whitmore “Chariot”
  4. Mom Advice: Frugal Momma’s Test Kitchen – Pizza Dough Revisited
  5. David Seah: Minor Update to Emergent Task Timer Online
  6. Twins Nation: Is Matt Garza the answer?
  7. Those Bastards: Now YouTube Folds
  8. Asterisk: The Creative License
  9. Notes: Wordcamp attendance?

Sorry there is no cool intro and music and all that smooth jazz. Just gotta be straight up with the 9.

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