[email protected] Preview

So what happens when you get 9 Member Entries and a tired ass Scrivs in the morning trying to talk about them in 3 minutes? Well you get [email protected] of course our new 9rules podcast that tries to bring a little bit of personality to how you come across 9rules content. Movie previews aren’t even 10% of the length of the real movie, but here at 9rules when we give you a preview of something, we know that 10% just isn’t good enough and technically its almost impossible to give you 10% of a show with 9 items because we don’t know how to offer 0.9 of an item.

Now this isn’t a full show and the show might not even sound like this at all. Instead, consider it a preview of Scrivs’ voice. You know something to get you a bit familiar with my voice so you don’t go into a state of shock next week. Anyways, here is the [email protected] Preview where I answer Gordon’s question about waking up on your day off.

Show starts next week. What day? That’s a question to answer for another time.