Book Diva

I love reading books and definitely don’t invest enough time into doing so, which shows since I have only read three fictional works this year. Thankfully I get to live vicariously through Lorri on Book Diva. Where she finds the time to read the amount of works that she does I have no idea, but […]


Sometimes it’s smart to do things on the down low. An example is untitledlife, an anonymous blog. The mix of honesty and humor…I’m not going to lie. I end up in a giggle fit. For example, the driver that has sooo much style. The mundane topic causing giggle fit laughter. That’s untitledlife. Welcome untitledlife.

eCommerce Cache

Conducting business online can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The ability to reach the target market is crucial for success. eCommerce Cache’s niche is on design, marketing and implementation of online commerce. Varien’s CelebriteCommerce section shows that celebrities make unnecessary, money-losing mistakes, but you don’t have to. Welcome eCommerce Cache.