Round 4: What’s Next

Some time this week we will send out emails to all the sites accepted into Round 4 with the new member agreement and some instructions on what you need to do before you become official 9rules members. I was just trying to enjoy the rest of my short weekend before I began the assimilation…errr, integration of these great new sites. So just a little bit more patience and the process will begin.

Also, it seems some people are taking the list personally if they don’t see themselves on it. Understand that when you are going over so many sites in a short period of time it is definitely possible to miss a couple of high-quality ones in the mix. Hopefully, there is a time down the road where we can find them again and pick them up. Blogging is about having fun and whether you got in or not shouldn’t be your concern, but whether you are having fun doing what you do.