The Network

Do It For The Passion

9rules Members don’t blog for the money, they blog because they have a fiery passion for their favorite topic. They’re entrepreneurial, industrious, adventurous, and are excited by the prospect that they control their site’s destiny. They’ve worked hard, built something from scratch, and jump at the chance to see it grow and blossom. The 9rules Network offers these types of people the opportunity to reach out to a large community of other people just like them — people that strive to improve and love the risks associated with building something by themselves.

Over the past year, we’ve received thousands of emails and submissions from people who want to join 9rules, not because we’re paying them two digits per month to write for us, but because we offer them the chance to grow their entrepreneurial spirit and build something of their own.

9rules Members don’t blog because it’s their job, they do it for the passion.