About Heroes

I love me some comics. When I was younger there are only two things I spent my money on: baseball cards and comic books. Unfortunately, my interest grew faster than my piggy bank and I had to put my obsession away. I still have crates of comics hidden away in a closest at my parents’ […]


The independent web gives anyone the freedom to start from scratch and make a name for themselves and nobody exemplifies this more than Derek Punsalan. This year I have probably seen his name on the sites I visit more often than any other so I guess it would be justified to say that this man […]

Forty Media

Last year when we started the announcements of Round 1 sites my friend James Archer had the dubious honor of being announced first. Well guess what? James wanted to keep tradition alive and requested to be announced first and we figured why break up a good thing. Obviously James is no stranger to 9rules, but […]