Sphere Blog Search Launches With A Little Help From 9rules

Sphere blog search launched today, and the gang hopes to really do blog search by relevance better than what’s currently out there. I’m more of a power user since I use Technorati, Sphere, and Feedster all at the same time to learn more about what’s going on, but I can tell you that the functionality offered by Sphere is really hot. More news from TechCrunch about the launch, as well as their official weblog launch entry.

If you check out the Sphere Partners page you’ll notice that 9rules is listed there, and that’s for a few reasons. One, we’re pretty good friends with the people who are close to the company (Tony Conrad, Matt Mullenweg, etc.) so we’re trying to help each other out when possible. Two, I helped with the user interface design and front-end coding of the actual service. Adaptive Path put a lot of it together, but I’m proud to say I was involved in tweaking it to give it some finishing touches. Tony has helped us out a lot in the past (having one of Silicon Valley’s most well-known angel investors on your side is definitely not a bad thing) so I’m really excited that his new project is finally ready to be used by the public.