Tell your friends, before round 4 is over

We launched our communities earlier this year and, to be honest, they are not even close to what we actually have planned for them. Obviously, we have many communities that we need to fill out. We have communities that we have yet to add, and we have big, big plans for our community pages.

We hope that you can help us to make this a reality. The communities are nothing without great content and members. So to everyone that has submitted thus far (going well over 600 sites at this point), go find the best blogs that would fit in the communities you think you’d be in, and tell them to submit before midnight.

There is no such thing as competition in the 9rules Network, those sites can only help your site gain more exposure. Call it, a melding of content, minds, and audience, all in one swoop.

Spread the word, before this round is over. And get all of your friends to submit their site.