9rules Network Fame

The other day I was hanging out with some people (some geeky people) and the conversation turned to what we all did for a living. Everyone said their peace then it came to me and I never really know what to say. I normally say something like, “Oh, I run a design firm”, or “Yeah I’m in consulting” or something to that effect, but this time I didn’t. I said, “Oh, I run an internet startup” which instantly got everybody’s attention.

I was immediately asked if there’s still a market for internet companies to launch within after the dotcom crash in the late 90’s, and of course I said yes. I gave some examples of friends of mine who are starting companies or recently sold their company and are now millionaires, and then the topic turned to venture capital. I talked about how companies in the 90s were over-funded and therefore led to the internet bubble’s growth, and how people think there’s a bubble now but there really isn’t, and so on. I was asked if my company was looking for venture capital and I told them that we don’t need it, our revenues are going well. Then I was asked what my company name was and I said, “9rules”, and then came the, “Oh, wow! I know 9rules! You guys have all those blogs, right?”. Somebody I have never met before in my life recognized my company and was genuinely a fan. That’s never happened to me before, but I think it shows that we’re doing something pretty worthwhile and cool, and that’s what drives me to press on and work harder.

Thanks Paul, Colin, Matthew, Tyme, our members, and our readers (especially Paul!) for making me proud to tell people what I do.