The Network

1 year already?

Today is the one year anniversary of the first site admitted into 9rules. Being the new member of the team it is bitter sweet reflecting back on that. Very ironic because I was reading 9rules at the time and I watched it grow from a far. Back then if someone said I would be Community Director I would have laughed until I couldn’t breathe. Why? Because I can’t design. Really, my code is awful. And I use a Windows machine. And I’m a girl. I am the opposite of what my perception of 9rules was back then.

I look at the Communities and I feel a sense of pride at what they will be. The new features coming out once again taking 9rules to another level. And the joy that this time I get to be apart of the next phase. Of course that’s when the guys aren’t driving me insane. Being the girl…it’s rough sometimes. 🙂

Thank you members – without you we couldn’t make this happen and I really enjoy interacting with you. Mike, Colin and Scrivs – thank you for the opportunity to take part in something so special.