The fat CTO

If Paul is known as the Oreo CEO, than I must be known as the fat CTO. But, I’d love to change that, as would others. So, we are going to have a community diet. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join us. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 500, you should consider […]

Round 4 Update

Next week we will be publishing a master list of all the sites that were accepted into Round 4 and after that we will start with the individual writeups on the sites. We figured it would be better this way since no one will have to wait weeks/months to see if they got in or […]

Biting The Dust, But Not Yet

Hey guys, the very nice post that Paul wrote up earlier tonight (and all the great comments!) was switched to a draft and unpublished. It will be published soon, but not right now. Not that it wasn’t great, but the timing is a bit off since people we needed to talk to regarding the news […]