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Round 4: May 17, 2006

People are always asking when the next round of submissions for our Network will be and we have finally decided on the date and figured we would tell you now instead of our usual 7 day notice. Why so far away?

  • We know a lot of sites are participating in the CSS Reboot and we believe their focus should be on putting together a quality site for their audience along with having enough time to work out whatever bugs they may come across.
  • This also gives some warning to the sites that may have started recently that wish to push the schedule of their postings so that we have a good gauge of how their content will be in the future.
  • Before then we like to think we will have the new features added to the Communities and Network so that gives us time to get situated and carry on momentum towards the Submission Round.

So if you are interested in joining the 9rules Network please remember that date as you will only have 24 hours to submit your site. Between now and then I will have a series of posts detailing what makes a great site (in my opinion) that should give some insight into what we look for when evaluating sites.

Look for a new Spanish submission round in the near future as well.