Recent 9rules Mentions and Fun

While we’re busy working on the stuff Paul wrote about in a previous entry, I wanted to highlight some great stuff currently being discussed about 9rules and our members from around the web.

Robert Zolkos likes our nine rules to live by and uses 9rules member Bryan Veloso’s Chaotic Soul theme for WordPress.

Ben likes them too and elaborates a bit with how they fit in with his own life. Dennis Bullock thinks so too, and also has some very kind words to add to the conversation:

“You have heard me say community several times here to describe 9rules rather than network; there is a reason for that. 9rules functions as a community where the basic purpose is for its members to basically feed off of each other to provide the best service to each sites readers and the community as a whole. 9rules doesn’t own the blogs that are part of the community; but instead the blogger does, as they should, and I think that is really what makes them different.”

We’re still getting loads of traffic from “Current Styles In Web Design” which lists and as some great examples of what’s hot right now. We were also featured at Web 2.0 News as a cool design 2.0 site. Last but not least, we received an honorable mention at the Web 2.0 Awards. Sweet!

Ryan Carson’s Think Vitamin just launched today, which is a web zine similar to ALA, but only a group of a few people can write for it. I was fortunate enough to be selected for their Advisory Board (along with Dan Cederholm, Shaun Inman, Eric Meyer, among many others) and my first article is titled “How C.R.A.P. Is Your Site Design?” so check it out.

Elliott Back’s “10 Best Designed Blogs” has been ripping up t3h internets the past two days since it was on the front page of Digg and every other social bookmarking site out there. Elliott happened to choose 4 9rules Members as part of his top 10 best designed blogs out there, and we’d have to agree 🙂