The Network

Nap Time

Things been pretty quiet around here lately. Not much activity happening from the core of the Network externally. Kind of makes you think things aren’t working out too well. I am happy to say that isn’t even close to being the case.

Mike and Colin are finishing up a major project from one of our Business Logs clients because they still like to make large sums of money for some reason. Me? I’m content mowing lawns and delivering newspapers at 4am.

Tyme has been fixing up some issues with Communities, along with allowing me to join her in a podcast that has grown wildly popular.

But that doesn’t tell you what is really happening. In the very near future look forward to:

  • New communities
  • New community pages
  • New public participation
  • New submission process
  • New podcasts
  • New vidcasts
  • New sites
  • New stupid dances

So no we aren’t dead or anything like that. Just having our quiet time before the loudness happens again and we implement the real vision of 9rules.