9rules Not For Sale…. Anymore

So I woke up this dreary San Franciscan morning (out here for the weekend), checked my Feedster/Technorati feeds for stuff related to 9rules, and I happened to see that 9rules, Inc. has actually been purchased by BlogMedia, Inc.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, however a little birdie told me some hints about the acquisition:

  • It was an all cash trade so the guys and (Tyme and) I could immediately get our Benzes and Bentleys rollin’ deep. Gimme’ dat paper!!!
  • As part of the deal, Blog Herald will now join 9rules as our new “Blog Network Blogs News Network Community Leader” which will lead other Blog Network Blogs News Network community members as they strive for excellence in journalism in our soon-to-be-thriving Blog Network Blogs News Network community. Great stuff!
  • As a sister site to Mideast Beat, BlogMedia will start a new weblog called “Jews Kick Monster Ass” where I will be the lead blogger.
  • And finally, as part of the acquisition a new position at 9rules will be created with the title of Assistant Community Manager. This person will be professionally supporting our Community Leader Tyme White, and will also be responsible for doing her laundry, making her coffee, etc. In the interim time before we hire a full-time Assistant Community Leader, David Krug has volunteered his services. New hires will report directly to David so he can begin your mandatory 5-week training session.

People interested in more details of the acquisition can check out our SEC filing papers and documentation if they’re interested 🙂