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9rules Wins Best Community Site of the Year, Avalonstar Wins Best Weblog of the Year

9rules Award Ceremony

Bryan Veloso Takes It Home

There’s a lot that can be said about SXSW this year, however the two most important things that happened in our world include 9rules winning Best Community Site of the Year, and 9rules member and close friend Bryan Veloso from Avalonstar winning Best Blog of the Year. These web awards just verify what we already knew, but it was nice to hear some major cheering from the entire ball room when our names blew up. A big thanks goes to everyone who is a part of 9rules or supports the thing we’ve got going here, like I said in the acceptance speech, 9rules wouldn’t be a very good community site without the community formed in and around it 🙂

Other things that happened this year at SXSW include our fearless CEO getting really sick and needing some medical attention (he’s feeling better now); Business Logs co-founder Matthew Oliphant getting assaulted and then nearly arrested; me meeting Dan Rubin and realizing 1) he’s not dead, and 2) he’s really cool; some friends of mine redesigning Craigslist and doing a rockin’ job; and all of our 9rules members are a ton of fun in person. Here are some Flickr pictures from the event that describe the SXSW conference pretty well:

Paul interviewed for GeekTV

On the bus, going to bowling!

Matto and I

Dan Rubin and D. Keith Robinson

Paul and the podcast pickle

Jason Santa Maria