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9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge

If you missed it, last week was b5media’s 6 month anniversary and while I didn’t congratulate them at the time, I figured it’s never too late to say congrats so I am saying it now. More interesting though is the conversation that happens in the comments between Jason Calacanis, Jeremy Wright and Darren Rowse. Calacanis believes you must measure success with numbers, while Jeremy and Darren feel otherwise. What do we think? Well, instead of writing about it Mike and I decided to show you. Introducing our first ever vidcast:

The 9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge.

Now I call ourselves a blog network in the vidcast for the sake of argument although we don’t feel we fit into that category. In any case, Mike and I are tempted to make this a weekly thing depending on how well this turns out. Sorry for the sound on Mike’s side, this was impromptu and the settings were a bit messed up. Let us know what you think and also if you think any other blog network out there (hell any other company) stands a chance against our nasty dance skills.

Doing The Architect

And yes, this is the kind of stuff we do all day if you must know…