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Life Outtacontext

The oranges. That is simply the trademark of Life Outtacontext. However, that shouldn’t be the only reason you should remember this site. The content is what really sucks you in. It just so happens that you will want to read the site with a glass of orange juice, but that is merely coincidence.

Life Outtacontext is an appropriate name for my blog. As an artist, designer, storyteller, and writer, I am constantly synthesizing my daily input of news or serendipitous encounters on the subway, at work, with my neighbors or with my family. My core creative philosophy is “A + B = C.” Put simply: take Encounter A, mix its meaning and ramifications with Encounter B and it’s possible to come up with a new or different insight about my surroundings. Trying to make sense of my world, while at the same time, staying connected with the universal qualities of our shared experience is the thread that binds my writing together. Sometimes it’s a very personal connection with a national debate, sometimes it’s awe at others’ sense of themselves, and sometimes it’s simply magic.

Welcome Jeff.