Amazing Member News: Shopify Contest and Prototype Reference

Normally this would be an entry destined for our Featured blog where we talk about cool stuff our members are doing, but these two great projects are just too amazing not to talk about on our main weblog.

Our own Jonathan Snook (blog & new company site) has put together the absolutely ultimate guide to Prototype.js, the Javascript library that makes RoR and other stuff much easier. Ever see those massive SQL or PHP reference posters? Yeah, well Jonathan put one of those together for Prototype — with multiple resolutions and background colors. Just. Amazing. Go check it out even if you’ve never heard of Prototype before 🙂

Shopify is a new e-commerce framework that, I believe, will put all the others to shame immediately after it’s launched — it’s that amazing. Shopify is based on Ruby on Rails and has the most extensible theming system I’ve ever seen on any web application before, I can’t tell you how easy it will be to make a totally new user interface for your company’s e-commerce store. Having said that, the Shopify guys are having a killer theme design contest, where if your theme is picked to ride alongside their app, you get a free iPod nano! Justin Palmer of Encytemedia has more details. To make the whole process even easier on fellow interface designers, the Shopify team has put together a theme design toolkit called Vision that makes it dead simple to make new themes. Their pre-packaged Ruby on Rails app starts on double-click and guides you through the whole process, including a great screencast (MOV).

I always tell people how 9rules members are the true innovators on the web, and these guys just proved it. Big congratulations to Jonathan and the Shopify team for making our Network look like a million bucks 😉