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Baron Schwartz is the type of guy I would set next to in Calc class and watch him hacking the hell out of his TI calculator and wishing I knew half the stuff he did. I mean this guy is knee deep in math and tech knowledge it seems and everytime I visit his site I feel as if I am sitting in the front of the class with my eyes glazed asking the teacher to repeat himself.

Xaprb is my insight and analysis on design, usability, ethics, quality, and standards in technology. Sometimes taking a 50,000-foot view of technology and sometimes getting down to the nitty-gritty of obscure bugs in specific software products, I write on a wide variety of topics. I hold myself to high standards; I don’t take your readership for granted, and I value your time as much as mine. Therefore I focus on quality, often revising articles for weeks before I publish. I value knowledge more than opinion, because everyone has opinions, but not everyone knows something worth sharing. I try to write clear, correct English with punctuation and capital letters. I moderate all comments. And finally, if it’s been said elsewhere, there’s no need for me to say it again — I want my contributions to be unique, instead of just multiplying the noise. I hope you find my brain-downloads genuinely useful, and I’m excited to learn from you.

Welcome Baron.