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Splash Panel

Admittedly, with the addition of Communities there is a bit more pressure for us to actively go out and find quality sites to fill niches. It’s tough to call something a “community” when there is only one site in it right? When it comes to comics though I was fearful that there wasn’t going to be anyone for Joe to hold hands with, but little did I know that Khaled had started Splash Panel and was simply waiting to finish the redesign before informing of it. Well time waits for no design and so Splash Panel and it’s graphic novel goodness have been added to the Network.

There’s a void in the comic book industry today. More and more people’s reading habits (in the Anglophone world at least) is moving away from the monthly grind of the 22 page pamphlet and ‘waiting for the trade paperback’ is the buying model more fans are subscribing towards. However there doesn’t seem to be many websites dedicated to the trades or original graphic novels crowd. Splash Panel aims to fill in that void and allow people who like to read the sequential stories in large chunks of book in one sitting.

Welcome again Khaled.