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PJ Hyett

Sometimes it’s the simple domain names that you need. Nothing fancy, just a little domain with your name and that’s what PJ Hyett has, but I’m not here to talk about his domain. PJ talks about the web and more specifically making sites better programmatically. Make sense? Yeah to me neither, but it works.

The irony of developing websites since I was 14, but never having a web presence showcasing my work didn’t escape me. It turns out when you’re really self-critical of the sites that you’re making for other people, it’s almost impossible to design a site for yourself. I compromised and installed a blog one day. I felt foolish at first, but it truly has been a rewarding experience. My posts involve the things that I’m the most passionate about: programming, new technology, and the web in general. Sometimes I may ruffle some feathers, but most of the time I try and let people know about the cool stuff I find or that
I’m working on.

Welcome PJ.