Philosophy Community About to Jump Off

When we had the idea for 9rules Communities we definitely envisioned something more than just an aggregator page with all the recent entries from the sites in that Community (although it is useful). We want to build a place where the top sites in that niche get together to collaborate in a way they wouldn’t have been able to do if they weren’t in the Network. The first project to come from this Community collaboration is the 9rules Philosophy Reading Group.

I’m setting up a 9rules Philosophy Reading Group: there’ll be a set text, to be read before the next session. Sessions will be every two weeks, on Mondays, and will involve all those who want to posting their thoughts and comments on what they’ve read. The core of this, I hope, will be sites in the 9rules Philosophy Community, like mine and Thame’s.

Benedict is definitely going to take this Community to heights we never expected and we hope that he provides an inspiration to the other community leaders as they look to lead their communities into 2006.

So if you even have a passing fascination with philosophy I suggest you participate in the reading group as it should be interesting. Don’t be surprised if you hear from me on some things.