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Perfect Fifths

Some people write for money and fame, while other write about what is truly passionate to them (although this may lead to fame and money) and those are the sites that will always be of interest to me. This is what Perfect Fifths is about. Jennifer Grucza was one of the original Whitespace commentors so I have “known” her for some time, but admit to not knowing where her true passions lie. It’s great to have her aboard and great to help her passion gain a bit more exposure.

Perfect Fifths is a site dedicated to string playing. (The name refers to the fact that violins, violas and cellos are all tuned with their strings a fifth apart. Certain intervals, like the fifth, are called “perfect” because of
their pure mathematic relationship.) The site covers anything from practice and performance tips to reviews of accessories and books. It’s mostly aimed towards string players (with plenty of “shop talk”), but players of other instruments, classical fans, and anyone curious about music-making are quite welcome as well!

Welcome Jennifer.