Great Conversation About What 9rules Offers Bloggers and Readers

David Peralty at posted an entry that originally discussed our updated blog design, but then morphed into a great outsider’s view of 9rules. Paul and I both found the post via our obsessive Technorati-ing, and both tried to answer all David’s questions regarding 9rules and the benefit it offers our members, and readers. The […]

Philosophy Community About to Jump Off

When we had the idea for 9rules Communities we definitely envisioned something more than just an aggregator page with all the recent entries from the sites in that Community (although it is useful). We want to build a place where the top sites in that niche get together to collaborate in a way they wouldn’t […]

Lunar Adventures

The little guy. The freelancer. The one who must fight the battle against the big guns to get recognized. In a sense the 9rules Network was created to help these folks get more exposure and it’s these people that make the Network thrive. Andrew Kaufmann is the epitome of that and we are much stronger […]

Splash Panel

Admittedly, with the addition of Communities there is a bit more pressure for us to actively go out and find quality sites to fill niches. It’s tough to call something a “community” when there is only one site in it right? When it comes to comics though I was fearful that there wasn’t going to […]