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Lunar Adventures

The little guy. The freelancer. The one who must fight the battle against the big guns to get recognized. In a sense the 9rules Network was created to help these folks get more exposure and it’s these people that make the Network thrive. Andrew Kaufmann is the epitome of that and we are much stronger because of it.

Lunar Adventures is the little personal playground of Andrew Kaufmann. Andrew Kaufmann is a freelance guy executing a variety of tasks vaguely categorized under “communications.” By night, he is a member of the Dallas Mavericks Hoop Troop, a zany group of guys entertaining the masses at NBA games. He updates this blog inbetween, discussing whatever weighty topics are on his mind — topics such as advertising, marketing, sports, and the Internet. He likes to think of himself as a sort of younger Dave Barry, only shorter and not as funny. He is also known to have delusions of grandeur and expresses this by referring to himself in the third person.

Welcome Andrew.