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Great Conversation About What 9rules Offers Bloggers and Readers

David Peralty at posted an entry that originally discussed our updated blog design, but then morphed into a great outsider’s view of 9rules. Paul and I both found the post via our obsessive Technorati-ing, and both tried to answer all David’s questions regarding 9rules and the benefit it offers our members, and readers.

The conversation that ensued in the comments is probably the most that Paul and I have talked about the benefits of membership, ever, so I’d definitely suggest giving it a read if you’re interested. Warning: my comments tend to be really long-winded 🙂

“The new design takes the blog in line with the design of the rest of the site, which leads me to believe the 9rules Network is ready to take its next step.” — David Peralty

Definitely check out the whole thing at David’s blog.