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I am pretty much useless around the house unless you need help with a computer or something. Steve Lodefink however is the complete opposite and seems to be handy with anything. Definitely the tinkere type, Steve is always trying to do new things and the end results are always interesting. His latest venture finds him trying to make homemade ketchup, which in the end becomes barbecue sauce. Go figure.

Finkbuilt is just a place for me to share the fruits of some of my tinkering, as well as that of others. It is also place for me to post about whatever random bits of debris happen to float my way.

As a father of 2 and husband to 1, It seems that I am eternally remodeling our house, wrenching on an engine, or building something in my basement laboratory. This site is here to show you some of the interesting tidbits that shake out during my tireless pursuit of the perfect hobby.

Welcome Steve.